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G.I. Joe Classified Series Crimson Viper

G.I. Joe Classified Series Crimson Viper


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Better red than… not? The G.I. Joe Classified Series Cobra Crimson Viper 6-Inch Action Figure comes armed with a bandanna, two blasters, a backpack, and goggles. To go over his mask. Look, these guys are thorough! G.I. Joe is a highly skilled special operations force of men and women from around the globe. tasked with defending the world from Cobra, a ruthless criminal organization bent on total domination. Prepared to seek out Cobra in any environment on the planet…wherever there’s trouble, G.I. Joe is there. New to the G.I. Joe Classified Series line, Crimson Viper comes ready for adventure, with multiple points of articulation for high poseability.

This Crimson Viper figure contains 5 character-inspired accessories including backpack, bandana, goggles, and 2 weapon accessories; plus a footlocker to stow all his gear! Professing loyalty to the secret cabal formed by the Baroness, Tomax, and Xamot, Crimson Vipers are hand-selected not only for their superior skills and ruthless efficiency, but also for their overwhelming greed. “We attack like a crimson tide washing over the battlefield, leaving only destruction in our wake.”

Ages 4 and up.

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