On the distant planet Symbion, a genetic experiment has failed. Ghastly changes are taking place that cannot be stopped. The result of this cataclysm? A world where insects grow to monstrous proportions! A world whose inhabitants have taken on the weird and wonderous characteristics of insects! Where the virtue of the Shining Realm is locked in bitter combat with the wickedness of the Dark Domain. Telepathically bonded in battle, SECATURS warriors unite with their insect companions in the ultimate fight for survival! NOW, that battle is once again in your hands!

The war for Symbion continues with SECTAURS, and for generations old and new the iconic toy-line is back, combining classic designs with modern articulation! Relive the adventures of your childhood, or create all-new ones with the latest toy-line from The Nacelle Company, SECTAURS: WARRIORS OF SYMBION!

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