Mythic Legions Krampus (Red Retailer Version)

Mythic Legions Krampus (Red Retailer Version)

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It looks like a certain Yuletide Demon woke from his slumber a bit too early! What can we say, Krampus is excited for his return, so he emerged from his hole a bit prematurely. We have gotten him safely back into his den and lulled him to sleep by giving him a glass of warm, curdled milk and playing him some Slayer tunes.

Keep your eyes open and get ready, because soon Krampus will indeed awaken, and when he does he will search for his shadow. If he sees that shadow, it can only mean one thing: 6 more weeks of Winter!


  • Krampus figure
  • 4 Alternate hands
  • Barrel bag
  • 2 Skulls
  • 2 Skeleton hands
  • Sleigh bells
  • Chained handcuffs
  • Bundle of sticks


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Weight 15 oz